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  • Yearbook Orders will be due by March 16th. You can order via paper or online!

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  • Don't forget to purchase a ticket for the Purse Bash! The event is March 3rd! Sign up forms on THT. All proceeds benefit PTCEF!

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  • Career Day Sign Ups are going on now! Forms due by March 2nd. See THT! We are hoping to have just as many as last year!

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  • Special Election Lunch Coverage Needed. If you can volunteer to supervise lunch on March 13th, see THT and sign up! Thanks!

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  • The Education Fair has been scheduled! Tuesday, March 27th is the night! Start planning your project!

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  • KidFest is coming! This is the school Talent Show. Forms are now on THT. Sign up soon!

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  • School hours - the office is open from 8am-4pm.

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Parent Pick Up and Drop Off

Parent Drop Off:


Parent Pick up:  Parent Pick up is at 3:25 each day at the side entrance marked #12. All requests for PPU must be made by 3:00.  You will need to submit a note stating that you  wish for your child to be a Parent Pick up for that day.  Please make sure the note has the students and the teachers name clearly written on it.  If you wish to have parent pick up on a regular basis send in one note stating the day of the week and then they will be on the list permanently.  If you would need to then change a day to some other transportation a note would need to be submitted.    


What do I do if my child is absent?   If your child is absent, please submit an excuse upon return.  All excuses must be submitted within three days of the absence.  If you have someone that lives near you and can bring work home to your child, please inform the teacher.  If you would prefer to pick up work, please call the school and the work can be sent to the office for afternoon pick up (prior to 4pm). 


Please use this form for your excuse.   Excuse for absence-1.pdf 

Attendance Information

Attendance Policy   (Attendance Policy from our school handbook)


Board Attendance Policy  (District wide attendance policy approved by the Board)


Excuse for absence   (Sample excuse form for school absences)


What do I need to do if my Child is absent

Vacation or Educational Trip Process

As stated in the handbook, you must submit a request for the trip at least two weeks in advance of the dates of the absences.  Please include the dates and state that the student will be attending an educational trip.  This request must be submitted to the teacher in enough time to receive the work that the student will be missing.  The principal decides on approval of the trip and no further notice of absence will be required.  

How do I Register a New Student?

Please call the main office (724-864-6700) and speak with Mrs. Bonadio. She will ask some general questions for basic registration. You can then come to the school office to pick up a packet of forms to fill out.   


 Tax Form 

Office FAQS

What is the Process for an Early Dismissal?  On the day of the dismissal send in a note that states the teachers name, the time and the reason for the dismissal.  Arrive at the school at that time and the child will be called down.


What is the Process for Parent Pick up?  Send in a note stating that you would like your child to be added to the parent pick up list for that day.  You will then pick up your child at 3:25 at the playground side entrance.  If your child is to be picked up on a regular basis send in one note stating the days of the week to be picked up.  I will put them on the regular list.  If you then need to remove them from the list you must send in a note stating that.  


Can my child ride another students bus?  We do not typically allow students to ride busses other than their own for safety and security reasons.  If there are extenuating circumstances permission can be granted.  


District Elementary Handbook

Below is the handbook that contains school and district procedures, policies, and rules. 


K-5 Elementary Handbook:    Elem Handbook K-5 Final Version 2017-18.pdf 


Bus Information

Below are the bus routes with approximate pick up and drop off times.  Please find your child's bus stop for the time information.


SUNRISE-AM Bus Roster 17-18.pdf  


SUNRISE-PM Bus Roster - 17-18.pdf